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Colorado oil, gas industry reaction to Biden’s Russian oil ban


President Joe Biden’s ban on imported Russian oil sent shockwaves through the Colorado oil and gas community, energizing calls for more permits to be issued and domestic production to be ramped up.

Here are reactions from some industry groups that work in Colorado:

Dan Haley, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association:

“We agree with President Biden’s ban on importing Russian oil, and Colorado’s oil and natural gas workers stand ready to do our part to increase supply and help relieve the rising energy costs on Coloradans and Americans.

“But we need the political will and access to permits to get to work. As a country, we’ve made great strides to secure our own energy security to safeguard our citizens and support our allies overseas, and still hit our climate targets. We’ve seen the challenges and the threats firsthand of what relinquishing our energy to other countries and regions will bear. The fact remains that a robust domestic energy sector improves our national security, promotes affordable energy, helps the environment and provides a strong economy.”

Lynn Granger, executive director, American Petroleum Institute Colorado:

“We support the U.S. government and our allies in their collective efforts against Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and our industry is prepared to comply with the import ban in response to this aggression. We share the goal of reducing reliance on foreign energy sources and urge Colorado policymakers to advance American energy leadership and expand domestic production to counter Russia’s influence in global energy markets. Under the strongest regulatory framework in the nation, Colorado operators stand ready, not only to answer the call, but to promote the production of cleaner, more environmentally responsible energy resources.”

Kathleen Sgamma, president of Western Energy Alliance:

“We’re glad the president is finally willing to sanction Russia as much as he’s been ‘sanctioning’ American oil and natural gas producers. American producers stand ready to increase production if the administration could back off its misguided climate change policies and remove the red tape and obstacles to American production.

“The president is so wedded to policies that hamstring oil and natural gas in America that he can’t bring himself to do the things in his power right now to unleash American production. He could immediately deem all outstanding leases and permits, including pipeline rights of way, as approved and ready to go.”





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